“Abroad no easy oh, See person wey get 2cars in Nigeria” – Man Who Had 2 Cars While Home Rides Bicycle To Work After Relocating Abroad (Watch)

Two Nigerian men who live in the UK ride to work on a bicycle instead of spending money to get a car.

In a trending TikTok video, one of them, Godwin Newdance, was first seen riding on the road and explaining why he chose to use a bike.

He told his followers that he owned two cars in Nigeria, but living abroad meant that he had to adapt to life over there.

In his TikTok video, Godwin noted that buying a car in the UK involved too many expenses.

He said car expenses in the UK include the Ministry of Transport test (MOT), insurance, and parking space ticket.

Godwin saw a friend who was also riding to work on his bicycle. They agreed that there was no need for a car in the UK since they were there to make money and return to Nigeria.

Watch the video below:


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