This new post alongside her picture got tongues wagging as her Instagram followers found it difficult to mind their own business and had to pour out their minds on the subject matter.

Sandra Benede’s relationship was a famous one, but they later announced their breakup after a brief misunderstanding between the two parties.

Her attempt to get her Instagram followers involved in the reactions was spot on as she completed her caption with a stunning picture of herself.




Her caption is the main talking point in this post as she used it to give a hint about the status of her relationship and also to seek true love.

She said, “Let me your gym instructor .” Since her breakup with her former boyfriend, this is the first time she’s letting the cat out of the bag in her

She was seen holding a black trouser while looking upward as she also flaunted the tattoo on her leg and completed her stunning looks with a simple dreaded hairstyle.

Her looks and her caption did enough to bring out the words from people’s mouths, as some of the people who were attracted to her expressed their feelings towards her in the comment section.


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