A beautiful young lady has stirred massive reactions on social media after flaunting her unique kind of legs

In the trending video, the lady kept on bending her legs in a very strange manner and people reacted in awe

Netizens who spotted the clip shared via her official TikTok account had several questions to ask

A pretty black lady has gone viral on popular app, TikTok, after showing off her flexibility.

Dressed in a bum short and fine afro, the lady bent and twisted her legs in a very strange manner that left netizens in awe.

Flexible lady displays her bent legsFlexible lady displays her bent legs
Photo credit: @littlehead.niiSource: TikTok

While sharing the video via her official account @littlehead.nii, the lady revealed how people stare at her whenever they see her stand or walk with bent legs.

Although her legs can stay erect, she, however, finds it preferable to stand and walk with bent begs due to her flexibility.

She however lamented that she looks more like a grandma due to her pattern of movement.

“I catch people staring at my legs. I look like a grandma. Somebody said I stand like a horse”, she wrote.

Social media reactions

@summer.ish3re said:

“Why you walking in cursive.”

@ty_w456 stated:

“She put her legs in sports mode.”

@supportivemoss wrote:

“Her legs made me physically jump.”

@iamthelemonadeladiesca reacted:

“I really thought everybody could walk like that and it wasn’t just me.”

@floaf7 stated:

“I did not know you could get double jointed legs. I have double-jointed arms and fingers.”

@phumie85 wrote:

“Plus I do that sometimes when they ask me why am I standing like that I’m like God made me.”

@meadow_green1 asked:

“Wait. Does it hurt? Is that how your legs are? I have soooo many questions.”

Watch the video below:

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