The Asaba actress revealed on her social media that on the third week of January, she woke up with a severe neck pain that she couldn’t turn her neck.

As day went by, the situation became worse and she had to visit the hospital, but it was all futile as she was medically fit.

Being spiritual, Destiny Etiko believed she was been attacked and had to speak to her pastor for prayers as well as her mother and friend’s pastors.

Fortunately for her, she fervently pray for healing as God healed her from the pains and made her whole.

“3rd week of January, I was badly affected. I can’t understand, I can’t explained. I woke up one morning with so much pain around my neck region. As day went by, it started getting worse. When I went to the hospital they said nothing was wrong with me. Now, I had to speak to my pastor and he prayed for me, my mum’s pastor also prayed and my friend’s pastor.

People thought I was fine but only few friends knew”.

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