Popular influencer Hajia Bintu and fellow TikToker Nana Mitch teamed up for an amusing experiment. The goal was to test the endurance of an iPhone on Hajia Bintu’s curvaceous backside. The video of the experiment left viewers in stitches.

The video began with Hajia Bintu standing still with excitement while Nana Mitch carefully placed the iPhone on her behind. Friends and onlookers gathered around, cheering on the funny test. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and anticipation as the peculiar experiment got underway.

With the phone resting on the sizable mound of flesh, Nana Mitch attempted to keep it in place, showcasing her determination and balance. Despite the unusual nature of the situation, she managed to remain steady, much to the amusement of her friends and spectators.

As time passed, the suspense built, and everyone eagerly awaited the outcome. Minutes felt like hours as the iPhone bravely clung to its unconventional perch, but it eventually fell.

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