I don’t care whatever she’s doing with him over there, YemiCregx and I will make out I want us to be cool~ Khosi

The winner of Big Brother Titans Khosi Twala has reacted to the closeness between Blue Aiva and her former love interest YemiCregx in Nigeria.

Khosi made the reaction in a radio interview when asked about her relationship with Yemi and Blue Aiva.

On Blue Aiva, khosi said she had no issue with Blue in the house because she came in four days after the show started and so did not know what was going on between her and Yemi.

She added that Yemi was the person she had issues with in the house because he was the person she had something with and not Blue, but on coming out of the house and hearing a lot of comments Blue doesn’t exist in her life.

“I don’t have a problem with Blue Aiva because she came in on Thursday and we had arrived on Sunday, I had a problem with who I was with and that was who I dealt, when I’m not talking to you is just as if you don’t even exist in my life.

Reacting to Blue and YemiCregx being together in Nigeria she said:

“I have never bothered about her even for once, she is currently in Nigeria, and I don’t care whatever she is doing with Yemi over there”.

On her relationship with Yemi she said: “Me and Yemi would really really make out, we had a cr@zy s*xu@l chemistry, I don’t think I have ever been through that, every time we will be like you that was close

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