I feel more Confident now – Actress Ujunwa Mandy Shows Off Her Body

Popular Nollywood actress, Ujunwa Mandy Obi, has got tongues wagging on Instagram after she showed off her transformation to her followers. Her decision to show off how much she has transformed since 2019 up till this moment in her life.

Nobody expected her to have changed much in her appearance and appearance, but looking at the 2019 picture she shared, it is clear that she has grown older and more mature in her new pictures.

She looks slimmer in the old picture compared to how she looks now, and she seems to be bigger in stature than before. In the old picture, she did not apply any make-up to her face, but she does that on a regular basis now. Apart from being an actress, she is also well-known as a popular social media influencer, and her activities on Instagram have helped her achieve more fame.


Her caption is well written and straightforward as she used it to reveal how she looked in 2019. She wrote, “Throwback picture of 2019.” My favourite picture that year. I look so young and innocent here. I want this body back.”

She stated clearly in her caption that the picture was taken in 2019 and that she preferred her old self to how she looks now. It remains to be seen if she has an ongoing plan to lose some weight as desired, but for now, the change in her is still the same.

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