A muscular, pretty lady displays her military presses at the smith machine. She showed a glimpse of what she underwent to build her muscles and kept being fit all along; she must be a gym brat.


She reveals that her input increased from 16,25 per side to 17,5; this is a huge progress on her side. In her own words, “Some heavy military presses at the smith machine again… increased from 16,25 per side to 17,5. Will try to consolidate that weight a bit now.”


The lady can be seen in the gym house in her training outfit. She’s already positioned on her gym bench and ready for action. Her strength and courage are mind-blowing. It can be clearly read without any close examination that she is a strong woman.


The white lady started lifting the gym in a confident manner. She did that with lots of enthusiasm and strength. It is indeed a good thing to keep fit. Her nice physique is attractive and she’s working so hard to maintain it.


Watch as she works it out in the gym:

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