A young guy identified as Captain Smart was confronted by one of his side chicks about a distressing accusation he allegedly made in a recently disclosed phone conversation.

Audio recording has received considerable online attention. During the conversation, the side woman asks Captain Smart if he told Protocol that she afflicted him with gonorrhea.

Captain Smart ardently denies discussing such an accusation with Protocol during their phone conversation, contrary to the lady’s claims. He denies that she could have transmitted the infection to him.

Interestingly, the side woman confesses to indulging in promiscuous behavior and having intimate encounters with two of Captain Smart’s close companions, referred to as Major and Gono.

She discloses that after having sexual relations with Major, she visited Gono and engaged in oral activities without realizing she was still carrying Major’s sperm.

This released audio and its controversial content have spurred public interest in the alleged infidelity and sexually transmitted infection. It functions as a reminder of the possible repercussions of indiscretions and the significance of open communication within relationships.

In conclusion, the smuggled audio captures an agitated conversation between Captain Smart and his side chick, in which accusations and revelations of infidelity and the possibility of infection transmission are made. The incident emphasizes the importance of trust, candor, and accountability in maintaining healthy relationships.

Below is the audio;

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