Mercy Aigbe, a well-known Yoruba film actress who just converted to Islam, used her most recent Instagram post to show off her beauty to her followers. She is someone who enjoys showcasing her beauty in various clothing on social media, and when she appeared in a modest gown, she did it once again. Most of her followers who viewed the post could not contain their excitement as they spoke their opinions about her latest post.

She arrived this time wearing a headscarf that looked well on her and a white dress. She painted her face with tasteful cosmetics that complemented the tone of her complexion. She donned a sunshade as she displayed images from Mecca, where she and her husband are now making the pilgrimage.

“Hajia Minnah with the hijab,” she captioned the picture. Her photographs and this caption drew the attention of her fans, who responded to them right away.

It is safe to tell that her admirers were impressed with her dress based on the comments and responses to her post, since they did so in a good manner.

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