Sheena Gakpe, a Ghanaian actress, gained popularity for her full-figure and heavy behind. She started her journey to fame from a music video set and quickly climbed into the limelight after one of her TikTok videos went viral.

Some people have questioned the authenticity of her looks, wondering if she got her distinct physique from a surgeon. However, Sheena Gakpe has consistently maintained that her figure is natural.

In a video that Sheena Gakpe shared online, she showed off her rigorous exercise regime that keeps her in shape. She wore bright pink gym tights paired with a long-sleeved top with gym shoulder bands peeking out. Sheena Gakpe also had her waist cinched with a sizeable black waist trainer.

While many in her profession have gone under the knife for perfect bodies, Sheena Gakpe proves that it is possible to achieve a natural full figure through hard work and dedication to fitness.

Watch the video below


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