Twerking has become a popular dance move among young people and is often seen in music videos and on social media.

Recently, a slay queen decided to take her twerking skills to the streets and show the world what she’s got.


The video showed the slay queen twerking on an empty street. The video quickly went viral and many people praised her for her confidence and her amazing twerking skills.


Some even asked her to teach them how to do it. The video also sparked a conversation about the safety of women twerking in public.


While some argued that it was empowering to see a woman twerking in public, others argued that it was not good for her to do that.

Regardless of the concerns, the slay queen’s video has become an internet sensation and has inspired many young people to show off their twerking skills.

It is a reminder that anyone can show off their talents and be proud of who they are, regardless of what others think.

Watch the video below.


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