Slay Queen in long fitting dress tw3rks for her followers on Tiktok (Watch video)

Tw3rking is a popular dance move that has existed for some time. Recently, a video went viral of a young woman twerking in her bedroom alone.

The video featured her shaking her hips and booty in a suggestive, energetic way to the music playing in the background.

The video quickly gained traction online, being shared by many and leaving people in awe of her twerking skills.

It sparked a conversation about the power of social media and how it can be used to reach a wide audience.

Many people praised the woman for her confidence and her ability to express herself through dance.

Some even said that her twerking was inspiring and encouraged other women to be unapologetically themselves.


The video has since become a symbol of female empowerment, with many people taking to the internet to express their support for the woman.

Tw3rking has been embraced by many as a form of self-expression and is now seen as a way to celebrate one’s body and culture.

The woman’s video has inspired many to express themselves in whatever way they see fit, without fear of judgment.

It has also helped to normalize twerking and allowed it to be embraced by a wider range of people.

Watch the video below.


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