The Way You Manage Your Family And Work Still Baffles Me- Georgina Ibeh Pens Down Note To Mercy Johnson

Georgina Ibeh is a super talented actress and movie producer who started her acting career a couple of years back. She is one of the popular female faces in the industry. On the other hand, Mercy Johnson is a seasoned actress and public figure. She is married and blessed with four children. Over time, she has showed so much flexibility in how she manages her family and her work.

Actress Georgina Ibeh took to her Instagram page to write about the actress as she admonished how flexible she is. She posted the photo of the actress below alongside

She called Actress Mercy Johnson legendary, and number 1 champion. She added that it does not have to be her birthday for her to celebrate the actress, that she is worth celebrating everyday.

Here’s her full note to the actress

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