They are still tight -Black US lady dances for the camera displaying her Goodies (Video)

A beautiful lady had decided to show off her wiggling skills. She dances nicely with happiness for her fans on Cam. Her body movements were enticing as she wiggled to the hip hop song playing in the background.


She is appreciated by her fans for letting out this great show. The lady is a stylish type and a classic bae. Her emotions are joyful and full of fun. An anonymous said she’s a thick lady and he would like to mingle with her. The lady is speculated to be a great entertainer.


In the video, the phat a. Ss lady can be seen backing the camera showing off her big behind. She started wiggling as the song started playing on the background. The tattoo on her b. 00 ty glitters as it was able to be seen through her shorts.


Netizens appreciated this video, and some of the male fans had confessed their love to the phat a. Ss lady saying she’s their favourite.


Watch as the thing goes:

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