Who is He? -15-years-old Actress Mercy Kenneth Overwhelmed with Joy as little kid gives her a flowers (Watch)

In a heartwarming display of innocence and affection, 15-year-old actress Mercy Kenneth was overcome with joy when a young boy surprised her with flowers while on the set of a movie shoot.

The popular teen actress, known for her remarkable talent and endearing performances, was captured on camera beaming with happiness as a little boy named Yommys approached her with a bouquet of flowers.

In the touching video that has since gone viral, Mercy’s eyes lit up with delight as she graciously accepted the flowers from the thoughtful young boy.

With a wide smile on her face, she embraced the sweet gesture and warmly hugged Yommys in gratitude for his kind gesture.

The heartwarming exchange between Mercy Kenneth and Yommys serves as a beautiful reminder of the simple joys and genuine connections that can brighten our days, even in the midst of a busy film set.

Witness the heartwarming moment for yourself in the video below, and prepare to be touched by the pure innocence and genuine happiness shared between these two young souls.

Watch the video below;

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