A beautiful lady has stirred massive reactions from people on social media after flaunting her extremely long hair to fans.

In a video shared via her TikTok account, the lady was seen treating her hair with a product which she referred to as ‘secret’ product to long hair.

This was after several people begged her to make a video of herself treating her hair with the products she uses.

After stretching her hair and combing it, she poured the oil on it and massaged it into her hair. She shared the Video via her TikTok handle @ramatoulayd.

People react to the video

The length of her hair has stunned people on social media who expressed their desires to possess such an attractive hair.

@edithihechi3 said:

“OMG !! I love this hair, is it possible for mine to be like this ?? .”

@nnnayaa6 reacted:

“What is the name of these magical oils, my love, and what is their name. Please help. Can we work together to promote these products in your name.”

@queenmilano143 commented:

“sis where do you get oil you are using as well as conditioner oil as the hair because brittle and the hair is brittle, how do you do that?”

@lotto938 stated:


“Nawao God this is not fair na why give everything to one person? I love your hair sweetie .”

@yuliana__yael asked:

“what oil do you use to make your hair long please tell me what oil l really like your hair.”

@johnfatima519 noted:

“w0w pls help me my hair is bad how nobi grow mine.”

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