Veteran Nigerian actress, Kate Henshaw has blown hot following the announcement from CBN that the old naira notes still remain a legal tender in the country.

It’s no news that the initial prohibition of the use of the old 500 and 1000 naira banknotes as a legal tender caused a lot of inconvenience for citizens with majority lamenting over it’s detrimental effects.

However, following the returning of the old banknotes to continue to be a legal tender in the country by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the veteran actress, Kate Henshaw couldn’t help but react on her social media page as she pointed out how CBN brought hardship and other mishaps with the cash confiscation policy only for them to turn around and restore the use of old naira notes after causing a lot of damage. Kate Henshaw wrote:

“You brought untold hardship, got banks & their staff attacked, ignited protests with this cash confiscation policy of yours, then you turn around & do this??!!”

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