Crossdresser James Brown has received praise from prominent Nigerian actress Destiny Etiko.

James Brown is slated to appear in the Nollywood star’s upcoming film.

Recall that on Thursday, Destiny shared a photo of the moment she met the transgender man at the Asaba airport after he arrived.

Following up with a story on Instagram, The Screen Diva shared a video of James Brown and actress Obio Oluebube portraying their characters on her set.



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Another portion of the video captured moment Destiny Etiko applauded James Brown for his outstanding performances and roles delivery on her set. Moved by the encomiums poured on him, James shared a tight hug with Destiny.

The Actress who was in awe of James’ acting prowess said;

James is such a sweet soul, He is a wonderful actor but he is shy. 

When he is on set he dey knack am, love it”


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